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Castleton State College Honors Music Festival 1/24/15

Castleton State College Honors Music Festival 1/24/15

On Saturday 1/24/15, Fair Haven Union High School was represented by several instrumental and choral students at the Castleton State College Honors music Festival.  This festival is a prestigious event, hosted by CSC for students across the state to share their musical talents.  

The following students represented Slater Nation:


Mollie Coltey - Alto I/ Soprano II (A3 - F5) - 5’1”                                 
Serena Zauli - Alto I (A3 - D5) - 5’2”                                       
Amanda Hillier - Alto I/ Soprano II (A3 - G5) - 5’0”                              
Katelynn Snow - Soprano II (A3 - D5) - 5’0”                                      
Glenn Wilcox - Bass (F2 - D4) - 5’6”                                                 
Erik Brown - Bass (A2 - E4) - 6’2”                                                     
Eric Ray - Bass I (C3 - F4) - 5’7”                                                       
Matt Eckler - Tenor I (B2 - B4) - 5’10”                                    


Reilly Howard--alto sax                                                                      
Nichole Blackwood--alto sax                                                             
Kyra Trombley--Trumpet                                                                   
Zack Caraballo--trumpet                                                                    
Isaac Nichols--trumpet                                                                      
Cara Cummings--trumpet                                                                 
Keilani Pellerin--clarinet                                                                     
Belle Kidder--flute                                                                              
Jacob Wilcox--Tuba                                                                           
Emily Clement--Euphonium TC                                                        
Seth Hoenes--Percussion                                                                 
Xavier Quesnel--Trombone                       

A special Shout-Out to Eric Ray and Mathew Eckler for receiving individual honors for Solo performances.  Congrats to all and way to represent Slater Nation!                 



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